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I like working for the UnderDog... 

small businesses

that need a leg up

without breaking

the bank.




Basic websites start from $680 for small businesses, which includes the design, adding content and going live. There is no monthly fee, just a Wix hosting fee. My websites are created especially for new and small businesses, simple, easy to navigate and professional.  

All you need to do is register a domain & email, which can be with any NZ domain company. I recommend*.

Before you know it, you will be blogging, posting videos, adding your own photos in slide shows and galleries.  And if you are techno-phobic, you can pay me to do these updates for you.

*Please note you do not need to purchase hosting through your domain provider. Wix hosts their own sites.

Image by Water Journal

Good old fashion design & print

Whether you need Promotional Flyers, Brochures, Posters or last minute business cards, I pretty much design it all.

I know the importance of having perfect files for the printer, as mistakes can be costly.  I can provide you with a quote prior to beginning your project, I charge $70 an hour.


Needing a brochure or business cards printed? Or perhaps you have just started your business and need a great accountant. The following companies I can recommend.

Indigo Print Services
Easy Adwords
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