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Stand out from your competitors with a professional logo. 1st impressions count!
You've worked hard to get your products or services out there, don't let your company down with a logo and branding that is not superior.

Things to think about...


  1. Imagery / photographs to help sell your brand, create that look and feel.
    Daily Organics do it well, they sell Kombucha but instead of showing just bottles they have created a modern, carefree lifestyle -


  2. Fonts - Modern, Traditional, Quirky... choose fonts that reflect your brand's values.
    Who is your target market, old, young? Where do they live? Gender?


  3. Colours - Keep it simple, look at some of the most recognised brands in the world, generally they won't have more than 2 to 3 colours at most.

  4. Who are your competitors?  Look at how they are selling their products and be better. What is your point of difference. Why would people buy from you and not them?

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